Everything to know about Vitrified Tiles


What are Vitrified Tiles?

'Vitrified ' is produced using the word 'vitrify' which intends to change a component into glass or something like glass. Vitrified tiles are set up by combining mud and silica at high temperatures to set up a tile that is sturdier, glossier and less permeable than earthenware. Basically, you can likewise say that Vitrified tiles are low porosity clay tiles.


Being set up at high temperatures the tiles are very durable and temperature safe and in this manner can deal with traffic with no wear-tear. Moreover, intertwining with silica makes it less permeable and gleaming. This implies the tile can support corrosive and water spills without confronting any basic harm.


The accompanying kinds of vitrified tiles will assist you with picking a reasonable choice over a large group of inside structure thoughts.

Glazed Vitrified Tiles-These tiles are given an extra covering of glass and accordingly look glossy. They are likewise accessible in an assortment of shapes and examples.

Polished Vitrified - To make an even smoother surface, the vitrified tiles are cleaned. These are commonly less expensive than the Glazed.

Digital Vitrified Tiles - These are planned by experiencing a high-goals advanced printing over the customary vitrified tiles. They come in unlimited choices regarding structures and are relatively costly all things considered.

Double charge - Double charge-vitrified tiles are made by a press that prints designs on a tile with Double layer of colors (around 3-4 mm thicker than different tiles). These tiles don't have a lot of structure alternatives on offer yet have a higher quality and sturdiness when contrasted with different choices.

Full Body - These tiles are pigmented over the whole tile (thickness), therefore making them solid and less inclined to traffic.

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